Sunday, September 03, 2017

Vienna in blue

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I don't have kids of my own. Well, not yet. Being a university student, parenting would not make a perfect combination (ahem - understatement) with passing my exams. But this little kid, she stole my heart.

Vienna en Liv

A few years ago, when she was only a toddler just starting school, I did some volunteer work at the local kindergarten. She was shy and in need for someone to comfort her; and somehow I felt it was my task to care for her.

Vienna en Liv

Day by day her shyness lessened and she became more confident. Seven years later she is a happy little lady with lots of friends. But her one and only Best Friend, that's me. (Or at least that is what she tells me ;-) ) She writes me notes telling how much she loves me and brings me crafts filled with hearts. And even if she wouldn't, I could just read that in her eyes every time she looks up at me.

Vienna en Liv

She is such a creative and talented little girl and I love her just as much as she loves me. Sewing is my favorite type of craft so I sew her dresses to express my love. And I bet she feels it, because the Eva-mades appear to be her favorites and she is extremely thankful for everything I sew for her.

Vienna en Liv

This time I made her a Vienna dress, a pattern by Kaatjenaaisels and Bel'etoile. From the moment I saw the design of the dress I knew it would be perfect for Liv. She doesn't like clothing to be too tight on her as she likes to dance through her days.

Vienna en Liv

For our Tulip dress & top pattern I worked together with Katrien, so I knew she is an excellent pattern designer with an eye for detail. After Tulip, she released another two dress patterns: Vienna and Nena. From now on, both of them are available in English too (Tulip was translated to English one year earlier), as pdf patterns with super detailed photo instructions. And you know what? To celebrate the English release, you get a 10% discount using the code INSTAPARTY ! Hop over to her shop to check out, I promise you won't regret!

Vienna en Liv

Liv turned 9 in August but is rather tall, so I sewed her the size 10, which is a perfect fit. Both Liv and I are in love with Vienna!

Vienna en Liv

I think the flutter sleeves and the gathered dress look really cute on her, while the V-shaped back and the plain blue bodice give it a more grown-up feel. Doesn't she look like a little lady in it?

Vienna en Liv
Vienna en Liv
Vienna en Liv

This girl, I am so proud of her, of the way she looks at the world, open and a little naive, with care and detail. I feel so grateful for being part of her journey. Not always the easiest one, but sure a beautiful one.

Vienna en Liv

Pattern: Vienna Dress - size 140 - by Kaatjenaaisels and Bel'etoile - pdf for sale here
Fabrics: Cocquelicot Bleu (Petit Pan), combined with plain dark blue quilting cotton
Model: Liv (9yo)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Double gauze softness

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I love double gauze. It's soft, it's lightweight, it's easy to sew with, and wait, did I already mention the softness? A few months ago I sewed this blouse in Nani Iro double gauze and it's been my favorite to wear on hot summer days ever since.


This fabric was named double gauze on the website where I ordered it (my all time favorite webshop for double gauze: Julija), but actually it's more like the swaddles you can buy for babies. Super soft but more wrinkly than the Nani Iro stuff.

Sjaal Sjaal

Although I was kind of disappointed as the fabric was not the double gauze quality I had expected, I loved the softness immediately. I draped the fabrics around my neck as soon as they arrived


At first I planned to have something printed on it. Together with a friend I followed an evening class on fabric printing and I would have loved to print on this fabric too. Sadly the postal services messed up with my package so I only received it a few days after the last lesson. Off to plan B: embroidery! I bought some thread and hand embroidered an improvisational design while I was sitting in the sun. This was my first time embroidering and I had no expectations nor a blueprint. The best type of meditation, I tell you!

Sjaal Sjaal

All seams are French seams finished with a decorative machine stitch (I wouldn't have the patience to embroider all those little flowers by hand!)


Almost 4 meters of softness around my neck. I love it!


Fabrics: tetrastof nude, oker and pale pink at Julija's shop
Pattern: a few simple rectangles, sewn together using French seams
Dress: Mambo Dress in Anna Maria Horner voile, blogged here
Pictures taken by my sister in Lisbon

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cheetah jacket

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When Warre was born I made him this little jacket in a size 3mo. He wore it until he was about 7 months old and even the top button didn't close anymore. 

Time for a replacement! This time I opted for the biggest size available in the One to Hug pattern: size 18mo. Still some room for growth, but already way too cute!


The fabric is a french terry summer sweat by About Blue Fabrics, designed by Belgian Illustrator Eva Mouton


I had planned to sew piping all around the jacket, but somehow I managed to buy just 10cm less than needed for that. Instead I topstitched with a decorative stitch and used the piping only for the hood.


The best part of the One to Hug pattern is that it is reversible. The other side is a striped summer sweat by Nosh Organics that I won in the Compagnie M. contest.  

Straightaway from size 3mo to size 18mo. This cutie is growing so fast!


Outer fabric: Cheetah's by Eva Mouton for About Blue Fabrics
Inner fabric: stripes by Nosh Organics
Pattern: One to Hug, size 86
Model: Warre, 1 year and 4 months old


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Little baby Lucille

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I'm always excited when receiving birth cards. Welcoming new life is one of the most beautiful things on earth. 

I always base my birth present on the birth card. Lucille's card showed her and her bigger brother and sister wearing little pink ribbons and ties. It immediately reminded me of  a pink-and-rust colored jersey I had in my stash, and I knew I would sew dresses for the girls and a bowtie for their brother.


The fabric is Corax 03 jersey by our Belgian textile designer Lotte Martens. The quality is amazing! Soft and lightweight but still sturdy enough to make it easy to sew with. The fabric is 1.80 metres wide so I managed to sew these three items out of half a metre, and I still have a piece left. In case you'd be interest to buy this fabric, or any of Lottes other beautiful designs: keep an eye on her points of sale, since her fabrics will soon be for sale in several shops all around the world!


For her bigger sister Jeanne, I sewed a Millie dress (free pattern by Mix it Make it) in size 4y. It's still a little big on her but she loved it big time!


For Lucille I sewed a mini version of her sister's dress. I used another free pattern, this time the baby T-shirt by de Droomfabriek in size 4m. Unlike her sister, she wasn't really into posing, but you can imagine this little girl looking darling cute in her dress, no?


I wish you lots of luck in life, Lucille! I hope you will keep your beautiful smile forever.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A solution to my health problem

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On my Dutch blog, I have been writing about my health problems quite a lot. I love writing and for me it's a way to be creative and to reflect on myself. A few months ago I started this English spin-off of my blog because I noticed an increase in international visitors. However, I'm not super comfortable in writing in English and my writings here are definitely no pieces of art. But since some of you have been so supportive about my health problems, both here and on Instagram, I feel that I owe you some more explanation about how they finally came to an end. But please forgive me the non-poetic language ;)

For two years, I have been suffering from an unknown disease, taking away my energy and giving me pain and nausea in return. Every single day I threw up all I ate. The pain was all over me and often I couldn't do anything else than lay in bed and wait for the day to pass. I had to diminish my study load, I put my social life on hold. Although it went with ups and downs, it was a very tough time. And the hardest part was not knowing what caused it, not knowing if it would ever leave again. I feared that this would stay with me for the rest of my life, I even feared I wouldn't survive it. I saw so many doctors and no one seemed to know what was happening to me.

Until suddenly... a test revealed that all my misery was caused by a stomach problem. Not even a rare nor a dangerous problem, just something they had somehow overlooked. With the right medication, I'm finally recovering.  I was undernourished and my body was tired of all the fighting, but now I start to gain weight again, and with extra food comes extra energy. I am so grateful for every day I wake up without pain. For everything I can do without feeling totally exhausted.

Step by step, I slowly start feeling Eva again. 
Picture taken in Bokrijk last February

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter bunnies (Coffee+Thread tour 2017)

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"Things are finally sorting out healthwise". I was so happy to write these words under an Instagram picture I posted a few weeks ago. After two years of constant pain and illness, the doctors finally found what went wrong in my body and with the right medication, I'm slowly recovering. I'll dedicate a blog post to this happy news later on, but now, let's focus on sewing! Being ill I often didn't have the energy to sew (I wrote a post about that here) and I am incredibly grateful that my love for sewing returns together with my health. 

So when Olga (you know: the amazingly talented seamstress and pattern designer behind Coffee+Thread) asked me to participate in her tour, I was happy to say yes!


Olga tested the Tulip dress and top pattern for me and her feedback was super helpful. Missing marks, unclear instructions, non-matching notches: Olga was the one to discover them. I thus expected her patterns to be very detailed and they didn't disappoint me at all! All pattern pieces matched up perfectly (something pdf-patterns don't always do with me, or maybe that's just my pattern glueing skills, haha).


I made two pieces for Mona, the youngest daughter of the Belgian textile designer Lotte Martens. (you should take a look at her handprinted fabrics, they're just amazing!) All fabrics I used here are designed and printed by Lotte herself. How cool is that?!


First I made a pair of Wild & Free lounge pants  Mona and her sister have two rabbits whom they love, so these rabbit eared pants were just meant to be! I chose for the Sparkle Corax 02, a red and brown jersey fabric with a golden print. 


As I had some energy left I also made an Ila dress using the Spacer Limonium Silver, a heavy knit fabric that feels somewhat like scuba. The color is so special: it changes from very light grey to bright silver depending on the light. For the yoke I used the wrong side of the fabric, which is actually just as beautiful as the silver side and incredibly soft. 


I used some leather trim to accentuate the yoke. For the pockets and the collar lining I used some leftovers from the leggings.



Both items were actually sewn for five-year-old Mona and are meant to be paired with each other.  Based on her measurements I made her a size 6 and the fit is spot on. However, when her bigger sister saw Mona's outfit, she was a little jealous and insisted on trying on the Ila dress too. Suse is 7 years old but rather skinny, and although it's a rather tight fit, it actually still fits her. So we compromised: for the photoshoot Mona would wear the rabbit leggings and Suse would wear the dress.



Not at all a traditional Easter outfit, but I love it! Thank you so much Olga for these great patterns!


Would you like to win some of them, together with an amazing selection of fabrics? Enter the give away! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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